Freedom of thought is not allowed


This announcement has been posted on the front door of the house of Chinese calligrapher and painter Li Jinshan in Beijing a few days ago:

Li Jinshan
Artwork of Li Jinshan

He is being forced out of his only home and art studio during the second wave of the #CCPVirus outbreak in Beijing, and soon to be 2000+ other families of the common people, or “old hundred names” as #SteveBannon always says.

Protests of the people

Bulldozers have arrived

After Li & other villagers had been fighting for their rights & properties for almost 3 years, Li had to abandon his house and beautiful garden that he had been tending to for many years. Before he left, he relocated a bird’s nest which had been built inside his kitchen’s ventilation, forcing him to tolerate smoke from cooking for half a year. He was worried that the birds would be killed by a bulldozer when the thugs hired by the Chinese government tear down the whole village.

The beautiful garden of Li


There are many artists who lived in this village, like Li, that do not praise the Chinese Communist Party. They have been creating art as a way of expressing their freedom of thought, but there’s no such thing as freedom allowed on the land of the #CCP.

The destruction of a nearby village

Culture and art are treasures of human civilization. Li has said that we are a part of civilization, and no one can deny the CCP’s existence affects everyone’s lives. By spreading this story and the truth of the CCP to your friends & community, it is the simplest way for us to fight them.

Freedom and Democracy have no bounds, this is our fight too.

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